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Erzhong is located in Deyang, a heavy industrial city on the west plain of Sichuan province. It is adjacent to Baoji-Chengdu railway, Chengdu-Mianyang highway and the national highway No.108. It is 59 km away from Deyang to Chengdu via Sichuan accommodation transporting road for the massive goods,and 270 km away to Leshan waterway dock. The road system is extremely convenience, and the environment geography and investment are advantage too.

The National Engineering Research Center of China Erzhong in Chengdu and China Erzhong (Zhenjiang) Heavy Duty Machinery Co. Ltd. (Zhenjiang base), which are under theirs’ construction, composed the key part of the strategy development plan “One center, two bases” of China Erzhong, and became a strategetic support to build China Erzhong as a “a company of vital and lasting importance”.

The National Engineering Research Center of China Erzhong in Chengdu is located in Chengdu city, a pearl of a massive, fertile, agricultural plain in Southwest China, which has the largest transportation hub in Southwest China. Chengdu has several main lines of railway joint in the city, such as Baoji-Chengdu railway, Chengdu-Chongqing railway, Chengdu-Kunming railway and Chengdu-Dazhou railway, and the national highways in No.108, 213 and 318 etc. run through the Southwest and Northwest cities respectively. The express ways and highways, such as Chengdu-Chongqing highway, Chengdu-Mianyang highway, Chengdu-Ya-an highway and Chengdu-Guanxian highway etc. radiate from the city center that encircle the city. Meanwhile, Chengdu has the largest airport in Southwest China. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport so far has already opened over 50 air routes both in international and domestic flight courses, which is extremely advantage to directly fly to more than 70 big and middle-sized cities of the world.

China Erzhong Zhenjiang base is located in Zhenjiang, the city in Jiangsu province, on the Yangtze Delta. Zhenjiang city has an extremely advantage transportation. The Yangtze River and the Jianghang Grant Canal joint in this city, and the Runyang Bridge runs through the North to the South. Moreover, Beijing-shanghai railway, Shanghai-Nanjing highway, and the national highway No.312 goes through this city as well. Zhenjiang city is 87 km distances to its west city Nanjing, and round 300 km distances to the entrance of Yangtze River at the East.

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