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Top management
Corporate culture
The mission of Company
China Erzhong will develop itself to the endless creation of the new enterprise with the latest concept and achievement of the human science and technology. In order to meet the requirement of the national economic development and the national defense construction with the excellent products and services, it makes the unremitting efforts for the nation to ascend itself into the line of the powerful country in the world, meanwhile it also provides the space available for the employees to develop themselves in China Erzhong.
The foreground of Company
To equip China with modern facilities
To create the excellent products and services to the world
The spirit of Company
Good faith
Firm and resolute
Feeling grateful
The quality of Company
Firm and indomitable will;
Magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate;
Thunder-like and wind like style of work;
Remarkable character and morals.
The philosophy of Company
There is only which not yet been changed and there is nothing that can not be changed.
Common values
Responsibility and obligating is much more important than money and benefits
The enterprise is to create talents firstly, and the next is to manufacture products.
The job is market, and the market starts from service.
Only human’s overall development can promote enterprise’s development.
Science and technology stems from innovation, and innovation accomplishes future.
Be never tired of learning, and learning is for aggressiveness.
Moral character is prerequisite, and capability is foundation.
Keep improving work and grow up together with customers.
Strictly carry out management, the manager must pay a price in advance.
Saving is for increasing income and strengthening competition.
On the job is happiness and become a creator is glorious.


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