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forging press equipment

The forging press equipment is one of the leading products of China Erzhong. Based on the heavy duty forging press technology introduced from Germany, China Erzhong has well digested and absorbed the technology. Now it possesses the technology for manufacturing KP & MP type hot die forging press, upsetter, billet shear, forging rolls, hydraulic straightener, double sided press, crankshaft twister and etc. totally about 8 series 34 kinds of products and related manipulators. China Erzhong has manufactured the crankshaft and front  axle automatic  forging  production  line  which  is consisted of 5 different equipment and taking  the 125 MN wedge-type hot die forging press as the main equipment, and manufactured 100 MN multi -ram hydraulic die forging press, 80 MN horizontal extruder and heavy duty plate bending machine as well.

•EMY Hot die forging press
•EXY Hot die forging press
•EPD Upsetter
•EBQ Billet shear
•EGD Forging rolls
•EJY Hydraulic straightener
•EQB Double sided press
•ENN Crankshaft twister, with totally about 8 series,71 kinds of product and related manipulator
•Various kinds of mechanical press
•Oil presses
•Hydraulic presses
•High energy screw presses
•Heavy and medium size plate bending machines

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