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Environment management


Guideline of environment management


Observing discipline and the law
During the processes of production and service, China Erzhong is always observing the laws, regulations and disciplines stipulated by national  and local government. It carries out modernized enterprise management following the requirements of ISO14001:2004 standard for environment management system and internal regulations and rules, and keeps enhancing and improving production activity, product and service quality as well as environment.


Cleanness  production
China Erzhong takes precautionary environment strategy for production process and product, uses cleaner raw material, carries out cleaner production process, manufactures cleaner product and provides cleaner service. We try our best to save energy, reduce consumption and waste materials emission so as to decrease harms to human beings and environment.


Environment protection concerned by the employee
China Erzhong is keeping to enhance the consciousness of environment protection, the education and training of the environment protection  in order to encourage all employees to work with an attitude and method with the responsibility of environment protection , and keeping increase environment protection knowledge and ability of all staff, and continuously improve environment behavior, trying the best to prevent or reduce pollution diffusion.


Construction the enterprise with friendly environment
The production activities of the enterprise, product and its service shall be based on the load capability of the environment, China Erzhong will take the natural law and Scientific Concept of Development as its guidelines, taking the green science & technology as well as the creating excellence as its moving force. Meanwhile China Erzhong will initiate environment culture and ecology civilization in order to build up the harmonious, green and charming enterprise and realize the sustainable development .

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